A Field Guide To The Wild Edge

Wild Edge Banner 4MISSION STATEMENT: The Wild Edge strives to open eyes, hearts and minds to the wonder of nature around us. So much of the time we go through our lives, caught up in the grind of daily life, without seeing the beauty that exists right under our noses. We don’t need to travel to exotic locales to encounter Mother Nature. She’s right here, sharing our everyday space, if we only take time to look.

Here at the edge of nature, you will encounter wild creatures and beautiful wildflowers, twisted trees and strange rock formations.  You may learn things you never knew about things you never noticed before.  And you just might be inspired to – GO OUTSIDE!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:I am a nature enthusiast, amateur photographer and frustrated graphic designer living in Inner Suburbia, way too close to the Big City. And way too far from the beach!

 Young PhotographerIdentification: Kim. Nicknames confidential.

Field marks: Always seen with a camera, binoculars, boots and a hat

Habitats: Nests in a typical suburban house. Comes alive in the woods, on the beach, near lakes and streams – pretty much anywhere there’s water.Film Strip KAS

Feeding behavior: Several times a day, with an emphasis on Cheerios, bagels, burgers and pasta. Avoids healthy food. Primary fuel source is chocolate.

Habits: Photography, walking & hiking, tai chi, reading, playing in Photoshop, collecting fonts, daydreaming too much.

Range: Anywhere I can! Most frequently seen at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum.

Remarks: Shy in groups, fastidiously organized with a tendency toward perfectionism, an inveterate list maker. Likes black bears, squirrels, chickadees, ducks, birch and pine trees. Has a black thumb; don’t trust around house plants. Lifelong Phillies fan. Strongly attracted to the smell of wood smoke.

Pet Peeves: Intolerance, rudeness, pollution and the exploitation of natural resources, the word “hate”, parents that drive their kids four blocks to school when they can walk, stinginess, mosquitos.

Personal Mantras:

  • Laughter is not an option, it’s a necessity.
  •  It’s good enough.
  • Shoot first, ask questions later. (Photos! Not guns.)
  •  Go outside!

Me through the years (right)   The clothes haven’t changed much…and neither has the hairstyle!