Summer on Lake Michigan

North Breakwater Lighthouse Ludington Michigan 8

My dad was an inveterate story-teller, and many of his stories revolved around time spent at Lake Michigan as a boy. I dreamed of seeing it for myself one day…

The Epworth Hotel

Family History: Epworth & Manistee (Click to see more)

Dad’s grandfather had built a summer cottage in a Methodist resort called Epworth Heights, just north of Ludington. The family cottage was known as “Joy Mar”, after Dad’s father and aunt. His mother and father were married in her hometown of Manistee nearby.

Club Mich,  Ludington, Michigan

Life at Club Mich (Click to see more)

Many years later, the family moved to a summer home in Ludington proper. “Club Mich”, as it is fondly known, sits directly above Lake Michigan, and plays host every summer to family from far and wide. I was invited to Club Mich for the first time in 2011, and quickly fell in love with both Michigan and my cousins Sherry and Betsey, who I’d never met. They are charming and vibrant people and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know them. At Club Mich there is always plenty to do: walk on the beach, swim, kayak, visit with neighbors.

Ludington State Park from Big Sable Lighthouse, Michigan

Ludington State Park (Click to see more)

North of Epworth, Ludington State Park sits on an isthmus between Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake. Its varied habitats include sand dunes, wetlands, lakeshore, forests and the Big Sable River. Hiking the many trails is one of my favorite things to do. Boating opportunities abound. Climbing the Big Sable Lighthouse offers a wonderful view of the area – and a good workout!

Driftwood at sunset, Lake Michigan

Red Sky at Night (Click to see more)

Back at Club Mich, dinner is served with a dollop of stimulating conversation. The view from the porch affords a lovely view of the Badger car ferry plying Lake Michigan. Afterward, there’s often time for an evening kayak paddle or walk. And no day would be complete with ice cream and one of Lake Michigan’s amazing sunsets. Red sky at night, sailor’s delight…

4 thoughts on “Summer on Lake Michigan

  1. Love this idea. Fully expect some polictical commentary at some point…oh, that’s right – this is a photo blog.
    Love Robbin Eggs and the way way back pic from the ‘Farm”

    • Thanks! I may launch a “Sounding Board” page for deeper commentary at some point. Mostly this is show photos and maybe educate a little as I go. How cool you recognized it as “The Farm”! I was taking photos even then.

  2. Hi Kim, I tried sending this through your Verizon email on the home page but it came back with an error message… I’m the administrator for the Point Betsie Lighthouse Facebook
    page, and I’d like to post some of your Point Betsie photos there. I usually post a
    couple of times a week and change our cover page and profile photos twice a
    month, so I’m always looking for good photos. Yours are unusual and

    Here is a link to our Facebook page:

    Will you let me know if I can use some? Of course we will not sell
    anything and I always credit the photographer and provide a link to their
    web page if they want to direct people there. (Let me know that too please
    if you allow our use.) Thanks!!

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