More Winter Birds

Feeder Birds_8384 ACS Feeder Birds_8392 ACSYes, I know it’s barely fall. While we’re waiting for the leaves to turn here in the East, it seemed a good time to look back at some images from last winter. To remind us what lies in store when it gets cold…

The Dark-eyed Junco (above) and White-breasted Nuthatch were feeder visitors in my backyard. Also the first subjects for my new 400mm zoom lens.

HNWR Pintail_9336 ACS Northern Pintail, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

HNWR Shoveler_9383 ACSNorthern Shovelers, Heinz NWR

Ocean City Sanderling_1191 ACS Sanderling, Ocean City, NJ

Cape May SP Swan_1425 ACSMute Swan, Cape May Point, NJ

HNWR Merganser_2441 ACS Common Merganser female, Heinz NWR

HNWR Evening_4352 ACSCarolina Wren, Heinz NWR

Middle Creek WMA_3463 ACS Middle Creek WMA_3447 ACSSnow Geese at Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area in Lancaster County, PA. Snow Geese gather by the thousands on their winter feeding grounds. I had no sooner pulled up to a hill covered with geese when they took off. A giant cloud of geese, whirling and spinning as one. It was an amazing sight.

I like to look at this image at the right, pick out a goose, and imagine what he may be thinking.

  • “Does anyone know where we’re going?”
  • “Mom always told me not to follow the crowd.”
  • “Can’t a guy get some peace and quiet around here?”
  • “Why is everybody following me?”
  • “If you’re not the lead horse, the view never changes.”
  • “I wish that goose next to me had used deodorant this morning…”

Middle Creek WMA_3490 ACS Clone

Coming up: Something more seasonal, I promise!