Baby Wrens

140401_Nest Box Day 1_7793acsApril 1: FOR RENT – CHEEP!
One room condo, great location, close to schools, kind landlady. Perfect for growing family! House sparrows need not apply.

140622_Wren Move In_8806 acsJune 22: Move-in day!

July 21: I’m a baby bird hostess again! Finally there are baby wrens in the nest box. Can’t see them, but I hear their chatter when a parent comes in with food.

140726_Wren Nestlings_4188acs copy

July 26: Feed me!

140727_Wren Nestlings_4520aFeed me!

140727_Wren Nestlings_4509aFEED ME!

140727_Wren Nestlings_4372acsJuly 27: No dessert until you eat your bees!

140727_Wren Nestlings_4453acsThere are at least 3 baby wrens in my box.

140727_Wren Nestlings_4486acsJuly 28: It’s a big wide world out there, little one. Are you sure you’re ready?

Apparently so, my wren babies have left the nest box!

140729_HNWR Evening_4653aJuly 29: Meanwhile, back at the Refuge…other baby wrens are out of the nest and being fed by other harried parents.

The always amazing Circle of Life.