Wild Goose Chase

150323_Middle Creek_2249acsMarch brings the annual Snow Goose migration show to Middle Creek. At the peak, there were 110,000 birds there. By the time I got there the numbers had dropped significantly. There were still a lot of birds!

Middle Creek Snow Geese_2763Blast off!

150323_Middle Creek_2800acsSnow Geese will suddenly take off and fly for no apparent reason. They fly one way…

150323_Middle Creek_2687acsAnd right back the other way.

150323_Middle Creek_2977acsA goose outstanding in his field.

150323_Middle Creek_3020aChecking their look in the mirror.

150323_Middle Creek_3124acsShow-off.

150323_Middle Creek_3065acsTundra Swans were also at Middle Creek in large numbers.

150323_Middle Creek_3897acsNear evening the Snow Geese began to fly in from the fields to roost on the water.

150323_Middle Creek_3964acsSkeins of geese and gossamer clouds on a canvas of sky.

150323_Middle Creek_3409Tundra Swans at sunset.


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  1. Hi Kim. I’m still bitter and jealous that you got to see the geese and we didn’t! Great pictures though! lsr

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