A Shore Thing: The Many Moods of Beach and Bay

160918_nj-oc-beach_8321acsIn two weeks at the Jersey Shore, one witnesses the ocean and her surrounding waters in many moods. Expansive and serene one day…

160919_074732a…she is moody and ominous the next.

160921_nj-oc-devils-island-kayak_4445acsOn a kayaking trip to Devil’s Island in the saltwater marshes: rain and gloom.

160921_nj-oc-devils-island-kayak_4447acs160926_nj-middle-thoroughfare-kayak_9582acsAnother day afloat in Middle Thoroughfare: clear blue skies and lightly riffled water.

160928_nj-oc-sunrise_8977acsRed sky at morning, sailor take warning. Sunrise on the day before…

160929_nj-oc-noreaster_0727acs…the big Nor’easter. Three days of howling northeast winds and driving rain.

Don didn’t believe me when I told him the storm was truly a nor’easter – until he was on the beach in the teeth of it.

160929_nj-oc-noreaster_0735acsAngry, dramatic – beautiful! I will meet the sea in any mood she cares to share with me…

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    • In the first photo, the lines of grasses ARE the dunes. The beach was replenished last year, and a dune built and planted. It will take some years for those little grasses to grow into a fully vegetated dune.For an amateur naturalist, it will be a fascinating process to watch!

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