Harvest Soup

161102_pa-ridley-creek-fall_3977acsLady Autumn drifted through the forest on a sparkling day, leaves rustling crisply under her feet. Wrapping her cloak tightly around herself against the chill, she swept her amber eyes across the landscape, seeking spices and herbs for her harvest soup.

A main ingredient was needed. Pumpkin?161102_pa-ridley-creek-fall_3934acs

161102_pa-ridley-creek-fall_3945acsButternut squash?












Or perhaps…


161102_pa-ridley-creek-fall_4087acsAh, a pinch of saffron.

161110_pa-home-fall_5165acsSome cinnamon and nutmeg.

161102_pa-ridley-creek-fall_4046acsRusset potatoes, finally chopped to give the broth some heft.

161102_pa-ridley-creek-fall_3883acsAnd mushrooms. Always mushrooms.

Already her imagination conjured the aroma of bubbling broth, hearty and savory, laced with the essence of wood smoke.

161102_pa-ridley-creek-fall_4150acsA zest of lemon would do nicely, she thought.

Even a little lime.

161102_pa-ridley-creek-fall_3962acsNuts would have been a nice touch. Alas, one of Her Ladyship’s small footmen had found these acorns first. A field mouse, a chipmunk, or perhaps a gray squirrel had taken them for his larder.

Lady Autumn didn’t mind. She would not begrudge her creatures a tasty and nutritious morsel when they have need of such sustenance.

161103_pa-crec-fall_4365acsA splash of claret.

A good soup tastes better with wine, Her Ladyship knew.

161102_pa-ridley-creek-fall_3973acsA sprinkle of sage…


161110_pa-home-fall_5172acsAnd a generous dash of paprika to top it off.

161103_pa-crec-fall_4233acsLady Autumn walked through the forest on a golden afternoon, gathering the seasonings for a fine harvest soup.

161102_pa-ridley-creek-fall_3849acsWhat do you think it will taste like?