The Search Continues

Hawk Mountain_0399a If you would seek Lady Autumn, you must tackle the quest with tenacity. Her Ladyship will not show her brilliant colors in places that are easy for you to attain. Slow treks over rocks and steep slopes may well be the order of the day. And you may be left with bruised legs, bruised bum and bruised ego at the end of that day.

Was it worth it? You be the judge. Hail the Queen, wearing a misty veil on Hawk Mountain.Hawk Mountain_0804aHawk Mountain_0362aHawk Mountain_0704

HNWR Fall_0981aIf you would seek Lady Autumn, you must practice patience. Her Ladyship is not to be rushed. She will sample the many garments and baubles in her wardrobe over days and weeks before she achieves perfection in her raiment.

You must be willing to wait for her; she arrives in her own time. But when she does, what a show she puts on!

Hail the Queen, fashionably late at Heinz Refuge.  HNWR Fall_0940a HNWR Fall_0878aHNWR Fall_1129a

Marsh Creek_1999If you would seek Lady Autumn, you must not dally.  Her Ladyship does not linger long in her best adornments. Tarry even a little and you will be met with only bare branches and leaf-strewn paths.

Fear not. If you are willing of heart, even you, O Couch Potato, may find some lingering tokens of her presence.

Hail the Queen, playing peek-a-boo at Marsh Creek State Park. Marsh Creek_1178a Marsh Creek_1567a

Have you seen Autumn?Marsh Creek_2015a

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