Looking For Fall

Autumn at Home_0145a Has anyone seen Autumn?

I’ve been searching for her everywhere. Autumn is an elusive elf, playing peek-a-boo among the trees, teasing us with glimpses of bright color, evading us when we look too hard, then turning up where we least expect her.

OC 51st Street_5653 bCould September’s seaside goldenrod be a feather boa in her wardrobe?

Tuckahoe WMA_5526a Maybe her early colors adorn Tuckahoe trees.

Tyler Bigfoot_8588aPerhaps Autumn’s paint pot anoints the Sassafras leaves.

Tyler Bigfoot_8599a Has anyone seen Fall?

Did you see her pixie cousins darting among the marching jack o’lanterns?

Pine Barrens_9624aStrange things lurk in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. An elven queen knows better than to flout her presence along the Mullica River…

Pine Barrens_9639a Though occasionally she can’t entirely hide her exuberance.

Pine Barrens_9849aCould the tea-colored waters of the Wading River be her magic elixir?

Autumn at Home_0153aHas anyone seen Fall?

Lady Autumn played hide-and-seek with me one morn amid the dogwoods and the maples in my small Eden at home.Autumn at Home_0310aAutumn at Home_0295a

Autumn at Home_0193acs Oh, look! Here is one of her Ladyship’s attendants. The first Dark-eyed Junco of the season awaits her wishes.

Autumn at Home_0332aHave you seen Autumn?

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