Winter Weary

150224_HNWR In Snow_7843acsWe are weary of winter.

150224_HNWR In Snow_7886acsWe are weary of being bound in ice; we long for open water.

150224_HNWR In Snow_7880acsWe are weary of frigid temperatures and gray gloomy days; we long for the warmth of the sun.

150307_HNWR 420 Snow_9877acsWe are weary of endless nuisance snows, freezing rain and ice; we long for grass and green leaves.

150305_Snow Day at Home_9137acsSo weary of winter are we, when at last we get a real snowstorm, our only thought is – Please, GO AWAY!

150305_Snow Day at Home_9181aStill the snow falls softly and steadily throughout the day, coating every branch and bud in a frosting of white.

Soon we have other thoughts.

Look at how beautiful it is! How quiet and peaceful.

150305_Snow Day at Home_9345acWeariness cast aside, we long to be out among the snowflakes, forging new paths across the virgin whiteness.

We are alone with a camera in a small hushed world of wonder.

150305_Snow Day at Home_9214acsWe see how ordinary things are transformed by winter’s touch.

150228_Port Mahon Road_8400a150307_HNWR 420 Snow_9868acsWe admire the delicacy of a seed pod, and the oddity of a horseshoe crab, when each is cast in snow.

150307_HNWR 420 Snow_9781acsWe remember that the fox is glad of the ice and the snow that give him easy passage where on warmer days he would have wet feet.150228_Port Mahon Road_3425acs

150228_Port Mahon Road_3536acsWe marvel at the strange forms of the ice blocks tossed up along the bay.150228_Port Mahon Road_3578a

150307_HNWR 420 Snow_0194acs150305_Snow Day at Home_9186aAll too soon, the fingers grow numb and the wonder fades.

We long anew for days of warmth and sun and the sweet laughter of little girls at play.

We long for days when we will not be winter weary.