Sleeping Beauty

150207_VFAS Mill Grove_5265acsShhh! Be very quiet. There, wrapped in a blanket of snow, the flowers and grasses lie sleeping.

150218_Wissahickon In Snow_6924acs150201_PA VF Betzwood_5105acs150207_VFAS Mill Grove_5220acs2150207_VFAS Mill Grove_5291acs150225_Fox Point Park_8026acs150201_PA VF Betzwood_5116acs150201_PA VF Betzwood_5090acs

Let them rest while they can. Not much longer will they slumber. Not much longer until they awake and send forth green shoots and colorful blooms. Not much longer until – Spring!

150225_Fox Point Park_7995acs

1 thought on “Sleeping Beauty

  1. What a lovely, interesting photo story!! You are more patient than I am. Let’s just go wake them all up!! It’s great to see the lichen, I can just see a pretty little Blue Gray Gnatcatcher building a nest.

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