Adirondacks Carefree: An Adirondack Farewell

Whiteface Mountain from Copperas Pond

As every trail must reach its destination, as every tale must come to its end, so too our Adirondack adventure must draw to a close, and we must bid adieu to the carefree Adirondack life.

Owen Pond Trail

Adieu to the paths we traveled, winding ways through wooded glens and beaver swamps.

Cascade along the Ampersand Mountain Trail

Farewell to the cascading streams, and the myriad of ponds and lakes.

Whiteface Mountain

Adieu to the small joys of the forest, to the wildflowers, the fairy pines and the ferns…

Chipping Sparrow, Upper Saranac Lake

…to the birds and the butterflies, the chipmunks and the delightful red squirrels.

Prime Moose Habitat! Along the Middle Saranac Lake Trail

Farewell to the moose, unseen but ever present.

Mountain view

Adieu to the majesty of the mountains, to the peaks now etched upon our hearts – Cascade, Pitchoff, Whiteface, Ampersand.

Whiteface Mountain

Farewell to the alpine tundra…

Whiteface Mountain

…to the strange, twisted Krummholz, the dark, lovely spruce-fir forest, and the sunny spaces in between.

Robb amidst the boulders along the Middle Saranac Lake Trail

Lake Placid overlook, Whiteface Mountain Memorial Highway

Farewell to the rocky trails…


…the boulders, slabs and open bedrock that fascinated and challenged us.









Robb relaxing on the dock on Upper Saranac Lake

Adieu to the easy lakeside living, to morning mists and merganser ducklings mirrored on the still water.

Upper Saranac Lake

Farewell to the haunting calls of loons echoing from distant coves as the sun dropped golden-pink behind the hills.

Adieu à la vie sans souci…

Farewell to the Adirondacks carefree.

Trail’s End