Birthday Flowers

160420_DE Mt Cuba_5741acs160420_DE Mt Cuba_5758acsToday is the Wild Edge’s birthday!

Together we’re 3 years old, this little blog and I.

I thought I’d send myself a floral bouquet, photographically picked at Mt. Cuba Center in Delaware.

160420_DE Mt Cuba_5755acs160420_DE Mt Cuba_5867acs

160420_DE Mt Cuba_5835acs

160420_DE Mt Cuba_5850acs

160420_DE Mt Cuba_5941acs160420_DE Mt Cuba_5903acs160420_DE Mt Cuba_5935acs160420_DE Mt Cuba_5887acsOn our first birthday, I wrote an impassioned plea for readers to get outside, to appreciate and protect Nature. Slightly paraphrased, those words are no less vital today:

My hope with the Wild Edge is to reach beyond fellow photographers and nature lovers, to those who may be more at home inside. If I can pique their interest with photos, words, humor and random fun facts, maybe they’ll go outside. If they go outside, maybe they’ll fall in love with the wildness around them. If they fall in love… Well, the rest is up to them.

160420_DE Mt Cuba_5764acsSo, the Wild Edge has been running for three years now. Has it worked?

Has anyone out there been intrigued enough by something you’ve seen or read to go to a park, preserve or other natural place yourself? Do you now make a habit of it?

Do you recycle, pick up litter, support land preservation? Are you encouraging young conservationists?

Will anyone stand up for Mother Earth and her creatures?

If so, great! You have the appreciation of a grateful blog mistress. If not, keep reading the Wild Edge. Maybe something in the days and weeks to come will spark your interest and inspire you to GO OUTSIDE!