Old Man Winter

150201_PA VF Betzwood_4847acs bwThe Winter Queen, beautiful and imperious, does not always condescend to trifle with us in person. Last year we were bound in her glacial grip, locked in snow and ice for weeks at a time. This year Her Majesty’s attention has been drawn elsewhere, and she has delegated her duties here to her henchman, Old Man Winter.

150201_PA VF Betzwood_5040acs bwOld Man Winter has an artist’s fickle temperament; warm days follow cold, and snowfalls are light. Not that we escape his touch. Rivers freeze, trees shiver when he passes by. His palette is white and gray, and his brushes are the biting winds that accompany the most frigid days. See how he blows water into ice!

150207_VFAS Mill Grove_5313acs bwIslands in the stream, bearing not palm trees, but ice blocks and frozen stalactites.

150207_VFAS Mill Grove_5375acs bwIce forms, melts, then freezes again, into ever more fantastical shapes. Icicles may drape an entire cliffside in cascading curtains…

150207_VFAS Mill Grove_5369acs bwOr dress twigs in chunky nuggets like rock candy on a string.


150201_PA VF Betzwood_4865acs bw

150207_VFAS Mill Grove_5251acs bwOld Man Winter paints in abstractions made of seemingly random lines, textures and patterns.

Look closely at his artwork; perhaps you will see waves crashing upon the shore, doves in flight, a duck swallowing a fish…

150207_VFAS Mill Grove_5242acs bw150201_PA VF Betzwood_4896acs150207_VFAS Mill Grove_5206acd bw150201_PA VF Betzwood_4866 acs2 bw

Look! Old Man Winter is feeling frisky!150207_VFAS Mill Grove_5236acsOn a sunny day, even the old master is tempted to reach for a spot of color. In a playful mood, he blows ice bubbles in cobalt and blue.

Can Lady Spring be far away?

Driven To Abstraction

05_4H_5049 ACS PrintABSTRACT (ab-strakt)  def 6. Having an intellectual and affective artistic content that depends solely on intrinsic form rather than on narrative content or pictorial representation. (http://education.yahoo.com/reference/dictionary/entry/abstract)

11_4H_7974 ACS PrintIn hopes of opening my eyes to different ways of seeing and picturing the world, I took a course in abstract photography last spring. We learned to express ourselves through the use of geometry, negative space, altered viewpoint, perspective, repetition, and reflection. It was my first time working (almost) exclusively in black and white, a medium I am not naturally drawn to. Here are some of my images from class.05_3D_ 4120 ACS Print 02_3D_ 4067 ACS Print Circle_3522 AS Orig 2d Assgn 1_3841 copy ACS Print

01_4H_5121 ACS PrintThe final lesson was in abstracting the human body, which was daunting but turned out to be a lot of fun, for both photographer and model. It also turned into a meditation on feet!

Man-made objects seem to lend themselves to abstraction very well. I continue to find it very difficult to create abstract images from nature. Doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying, though!

The course was challenging and very rewarding. I’m looking to continue applying these principles as I continue in my photography.


03_3D_ 4820 ACS Print

Note: This is the start of a new side Gallery, which I hope to add to from time to time.

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