New Beginnings

Each spring, life begins anew for a multitude of wild creatures around the Earth…

Parents are busily preparing homes…

HNWR Swallow_9491 ACS

Tree Swallow at nest box

… in preparation for a new generation.


Robin eggs

For these wild babies, it means a chance to explore the world. Learn new skills. Experience the wonders around them. Tentative on their wobbly legs at first, but driven by curiosity, they will gain confidence in seeking out new horizons.


Baby Cottontail Rabbit in my yard

Sometimes life gives us humans a new beginning later in life, a second chance to learn and grow and explore. After 20 years as a caregiver, looking after the needs of my parents, I find myself free to now to see what the world is all about. Like a baby deer taking her first clumsy steps, I was shy at first, but as time goes on I find myself getting my feet underneath me. My passions for wildlife, nature and photography have reignited after a long dormancy, and I am pursuing them with gusto.

HNWR Owlet_0524 ACS

Great Horned Owlets

This blog will be a home for my photos and reflections as I explore pockets of nature in the crowded ‘burbs: the edge habitats where town meets country, forest meets meadow, land meets water, and Man meets Nature – the Wild Edge.

Feel free to leave enthusiastic praise, insightful comments, comedic stylings and /or gentle criticism. I have no idea yet how frequently I’ll post – it is my first blog after all. I also have a backlog of material to share. So check back often, and enjoy.

Happy Trails!

Evening trail, John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum