Mt. Cuba In Bloom

Mt Cuba 3 Woodland_6193aThe calendar is marching inexorably toward summer. Humidity is building, and the mercury is oozing toward 90 degrees. It seems like only yesterday that we were locked in snow and ice, and suddenly it’s hot. Did we even have a spring this year?

Mt Cuba 1 Formal_6038aYes, we did. Like her sister Autumn, Lady Spring is an elusive and ephemeral tease. This year, perhaps pouting at the persistence of the Winter Queen, Spring’s arrival was late, and her stay short. But she did grace us with her presence. I have the evidence!

Mt Cuba 3 Woodland_6397acs copyAll of these photos were taken at Mt. Cuba Center in Delaware. Mt. Cuba is a botanical garden with a commitment to using and promoting native plants in its 50 acre cultivated gardens and 500 acre natural areas.

The center offers many classes on horticulture and conservation, and maintains a Trial Garden where various native plants are studied.

Mt Cuba 4 Ponds_6538aThe pathway leads through a variety of habitats, including woods, meadows and ponds.

Mt Cuba 2 Trillium_6266acsThe stars of the show in spring are the Trilliums. They even get their own garden!Mt Cuba 2 Trillium_6122acsMt Cuba 2 Trillium_6276a

Mt Cuba 2 Trillium_6115aSome Trilliums wear camo…

Mt Cuba 2 Trillium_6253aOr come in double-flowered forms.

Mt Cuba 3 Woodland_6088aA shady spot for one of Her Ladyship’s sprites to sit and enjoy her lunch.

Mt Cuba 3 Woodland_6416aJack in the Pulpit.

Mt Cuba 3 Woodland_6569acs copyColumbine.

These neat flowers were at both Shenk’s Ferry and Mt. Cuba. They gave me fits trying to get a good photo.

Mt Cuba 4 Ponds_6485acsNow the Summer Queen is knocking at the door. Lady Spring kept us in suspense this year, and her appearance was brief, but oh, was it worth the wait!


Essence of Gold

Tyler Flowers_8591 a

Nature’s first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.

-Robert Frost

HNWR Warbler Prothonotary_9247 acsProthonotary Warbler

HNWR Flicker_9449 acsNorthern Flicker, showing why it is known as “Yellow-shafted Flicker”

HNWR Warbler Palm_9707 aPalm Warbler

HNWR Bee Redbud_0162 aBumblebee on redbud blossoms

HNWR Sparrow Savannah_0343 aSavannah Sparrow

HNWR Warbler YeRu_5420 acsYellow-rumped Warbler

HNWR Warbler YeRu_5437 aYellow-rumped Warbler, showing the yellow rump

HNWR Warbler Yellow_5327 aYellow Warbler

Mt Cuba_6194 a

The golden days of Spring, soon to give way to the deep green of Summer

Mt Cuba_6557 acs