Where Did Autumn Go?

It seems only yesterday that I was on the cusp of Thanksgiving, wondering how summer had become but a memory.  Now the winter solstice is here, with Christmas and a New Year looming.

The obvious question is this: where did Autumn go?

At the back of my mind is something more elemental.

How do I slow down the passage of time?

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At Lady Autumn’s Command

It’s getting annoying. The constant, imperious interruptions. Can’t a girl get some peace?

I have been promising Wild Edge readers a Finger Lakes series for weeks. But every time I try to sit down and edit the photos, something else intervenes. From outside my window, the call comes, beckoning – no, demanding.



I tried, but failed, to resist the siren song of September. October was no different. It’s the trees this time. Changing day-by-day to brilliant gold and crimson. The march of the seasons goes relentlessly on, no matter what. One ignores it at one’s peril.

Once again, I am at Lady Autumn’s command.

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In Lady Autumn’s Mirror

151014_NJ Atsion Lake Kayak_9367acsThe Harvest Ball approaches, and Her Ladyship has dressed in her finest. Bedecked and bejeweled, she admires herself in the mirror.

What does she see there?

151025_PA Holtwood Fall Pinnacle_0493acsAdventure?

151104_PA HNWR Fall Evening_1852acsFellowship?

151014_NJ Atsion Lake Kayak_9461acsWhat does Lady Autumn see when she looks in her mirror?

151026_PA Beltzville Fall_0699acsElegance?

151025_PA Holtwood Fall_0229acsRadiance?

151014_NJ Atsion Lake Kayak mc_2996 acsWhat does Lady Autumn see when she looks in her mirror?

151104_PA HNWR Fall Evening _6922acsHarmony?

151026_PA Beltzville Fall_0807aExuberance?

151025_PA Holtwood Fall Pinnacle_0608acsMajesty?

What does Lady Autumn see when she looks in her mirror?

151025_PA Holtwood Fall_0221acsSerenity.